HasTavuk, a company constantly evolving and improving and helping to develop the field by close observation was founded in Bursa in 1972 and works in every field of poultry; from parent stock eggs to layer and broiler chicks; from pullets and feed to chicken meat production.

HasTavuk which produces 70% of Turkey’s layer chicks, is the largest parent stock company under a single roof in Europe and Turkey with its hatchery capacity.

HasTavuk with its years of experience and expertise; has the well deserved honor of being the first to export livestock to a new country, entering markets never entered before, and having the highest rates of export in its field.

HasTavuk has certified its success in the field with the quality and success awards earned, with the high quality breeds produced and with the customer satisfaction obtained.

HasTavuk, awarded many times by many institutions and organizations for the value it adds to the country economy; is the only company to earn many times the  Award of Excellence for Turkey with its quality and outstanding success

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ADDRESS:Izmir Yolu 22. KM 16149 Nilüfer - Bursa / TURKEY

PHONE: +90 224 470 27 00 / FAX: +90 224 470 27 10

WEBSITE: www.hastavuk.com

E-MAIL: ozerusta@hastavuk.com

CONTACT: Mr. Nejat SEZER / Company Manager

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